BambooBike is an Israeli based company expanding to China, Africa, Europe and the US. The company manufactures, develops, markets and sells the world’s only electrical bicycle made out of bamboo.

The bicycle’s bamboo frame makes it half the weight (15.5kg including battery) of other electric bicycles currently on the market. It also makes the bike half the price. With unique EBS Israeli patented technology combined with state-of-the-art electric parts, BambooBike has double the range of ordinary electric bicycles and comes with double the warranty for efficiency, road-worthiness and safety.

Other Features Include:

  • LCD/LED Display: Display and Mode control functions
  • Controller: Motor & BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Controller Technology: IP protected
  • Battery: 5.2-6.6A, 36V
  • Battery BMS Technology: IP protected
  • Motor: 36V, 250W RMS
  • Only 2Amp/h or 75Watt
  • Breaks: Can cut-off engine
  • Max Speed: 25k/h electronically limited
  • Pedal Assist: Start/Stop-Cut-Off Motor