“When you fully believe in something and never give-up, there’s no way you can fail!”
~ Ophir Fromm

Ophir Fromm is a serial entrepreneur who, after 23 years of creating start-ups in the Hi-Tech and Low-Tech world, decided to combine his talent as an engineer with his passion for cycling, nature, the environment and his dream of making a social and ecological difference.

BambooBikes, Ophir’s creation, is the world’s first-ever electric bicycle from natural bamboo. The bicycles create employment for people in Africa and Asia where they are manufactured and are designed, developed and marketed using challenged and unemployed or retired people in Israel.

Before BambooBikes, Ophir founded the Green Angel startup and effectively managed to increase the efficiency of solar panels for electricity and water heating systems by 50-75%. Before that, he created Green Cache Ltd., which provided a unique solution to drastically reduce the energy consumption of computers and servers.

Ophir believes in humanity, nature and acts for change!